The use of a multimedia journal to help teachers experience the processes involved in technology education

Year: 1994

Author: Ferry, Brian, Brown, Christine

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Research has shown that teachers in primary schools have little opportunity to develop skills that can assist them to instruct children in the processes involved in designing and technology. Because they have limited access to professional development courses in designing and technology, they are unlikely to develop the competence and confidence needed to provide effective instruction. Furthermore, it has also been shown that just providing teachers with one-off written documentation and one-off professional development courses has minimal impact. Therefore alternative ways of delivering the required professional development need to be explored.

Interactive multimedia can provide an innovative means of instruction that is both efficient and cost-effective. This paper presents an interactive multimedia journal developed to support a subject that provided both preservice and inservice teachers with an opportunity to develop instructional skills in design and technology. It discusses the rationale for the subject and the theoretical model of technology and design that supported the multimedia journal. The final product will be demonstrated and the directions for further research discussed.