Resilience and NAPLAN. A Queensland study

Year: 2016

Author: F, J-F, Bishop, Kaylene, Darren, Pullen, Swabey, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This study contends that resilience is fundamental to student performance and school achievement. Resilience in terms of developmental capital, constructive capabilities, and psychological competencies not only gives a meaningful insight into students social and emotional well-being, but together they have the predictive capability of informing how a student is likely to perform and succeed. A total of 250 Queensland students from a state high school completed a resilience survey and these baseline scores were mapped against NAPLAN results, school results, and learning behaviours. The findings show that there is a positive correlation between resilience – and NAPLAN, school results, and learning behaviours. In other words, greater the volume of assets, capacities, and competencies the more likely a student is going to perform well. Implications of the study are discussed.