Masculine research-feminist methodology: An innovative approach to studying men

Year: 1994

Author: Drummond, Murray

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Research on masculinity, and its relationship with sport, is in its infancy. At this early stage of development new theoretical frameworks are being produced around which masculine research is based. New methodologies are also being utilised to provide appropriate levels of analysis.

In this paper I argue that research on masculinity, particularly the relationship between masculinity and sport, is important for inter- and intra-gender relations. I also argue that feminist research methods, such as individual case studies and life historical accounts, which incorporate phenomenological interviewing techniques, are powerful tools for the study of social structures as they impinge upon personal life. An exploration into the lives of elite level male bodybuilders, surf lifesavers and triathletes using these methodologies substantiates these claims.

The paper highlights the need for innovative research on masculinity and emphasises the dearth of knowledge surrounding this area of study.