Teacher educators’ understanding and use of TPACK: Consensus or conflict?

Year: 2015

Author: Dobozy, Eva, Walker, Rebecca, Sheffield, Rachel

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Education is ever increasingly more demanding. There is a growing need for educators at all levels of the education system to effectively integrate technology into their teaching and learning offerings. Focusing on initial teacher education, this presentation reports some findings from a case study, which explored the alignment of teacher educator views and their current educational practices concerning effective technology integration. Taking the TPACK framework as its starting point, the study explored teacher educators’ knowledge and use of the TPACK model and their general approach to the integration of technology into lesson planning and teaching. The findings report on the diversity of conceptions about how best to comply with the new realities of technology-enhanced education. They also show how surprisingly difficult it is to arrive at a common understanding about technology-enhanced learning and teaching, but also how vital it is to engage in meaningful dialogue to help teacher educators sharpen their focus onto the synergy between pedagogy, curriculum and technology. The presentation concludes with some implications and recommendation for practice.