Bringing The Body Back In? Corporeality, Practice Theory And Professional Education

Year: 2015

Author: Green, Bill

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Why does the body matter in and for professional education? How does it matter? Why now? These and other questions have been at the heart of a recent study, culminating in a book entitled the body in professional practice, leaning and education: body/practice (Green & Hopwood [Eds.], 2015). The project emerged from a long-term research program focused on understanding and researching professional practice, explicitly informed by new work in what has come to be called practice theory and philosophy, or the practice turn in contemporary theory (Schatzki, Knorr Cetina & von Savigny [Eds.], 2000). This paper focuses (again) on the question of corporeality within a reconceptualised view of practice, as a distinctive concept. It explores the relationship between practice and the body, conceptually and historically, and argues that professional education is best served at this time by bringing the body back in – that is, by re-assessing the role and significance of corporeality in and for professional practice, learning and education.