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Subtitled movie DVDs in foreign language classes


Year: 2006

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Abstract: The use of movie videos as a teaching tool is not new in the field of foreign language (FL) teaching and learning. Generally teachers play such videos without subtitles and have learners view them while attempting to comprehend the conversations spoken in the target language there. However, it is also possible to present movie videos with subtitles in the native language. This paper describes how the English movies in a DVD format are used in FL listening classes in Indonesian context. These movie DVDs contain a feature in the form of subtitles in Indonesian language, which is the learners' mother tongue, and this feature is activated while the movies are being played. Some motivating learning activities are suggested for the pre-viewing, while-viewing, and post-viewing stages of the lesson. This technique of using subtitled movie DVDs has received favourable feedback from the learners, and therefore could be considered effective in assisting them to learn English as an FL.

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