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So how does it work? - rhizomatic methodologies

Honan, Eileen | Sellers, Margaret

Year: 2006

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Abstract: My intent, in short, is to extract from Deleuze’s project an apparatus of social critique built on a utopian impulse. Its insistent question is ‘how does it work?’ (Buchanan, 2000, p. 8). In this paper, we explore two different approaches to the development of a rhizomatic methodology. In a rhizomatic fashion, we map the connections and disconnections between and across these different pathways. Three connections are described: first, writing a rhizomatic text that is non-linear and self-consciously part of the research method; second, using rhizomatic thought to analyse the discourses operating within data; and third, following Deleuzian lines of flight that connect and link disparate forms of data so that (im)plausible readings can connect analysis of writing, artworks, video, and interview transcripts. The various disconnections are provided to illustrate the impossibility of establishing some kind of formulaic methodology that would neatly answer Buchanan’s question of “how does it work?”. Rather, we are aware of the dangers of “methodolatory” (Harding, 1987) and offer this paper as one particular and specific reading of the contributions that Deleuzian theories can make to educational research methods.

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