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Architects, Travel Agents and Bus Drivers: Images of Teacher Professional Identity in Public Discourse

Mockler, Nicole

Year: 2004

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Abstract: This paper aims to engage with those texts and discourses which feed into the public text of ‘teacher’ and to map the various images of teachers in public discourse within Australia. While it focuses predominantly on mass media texts, and in particular print journalism, some attention is also given to images of teachers portrayed in popular culture (specifically film and television), in an attempt to build a picture of how teachers are seen within dominant social discourse. It argues that a distinction can be found within images of teacher professional identity in public discourse, where teachers are understood as either victims of systems, governments, students or unfortunate circumstance, as potential or actual threats to the social fabric, or as leaders, saviours and inspirers of excellence, personal best and democratic thinking.

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