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Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

The STEM Education Special Interest Group was created as a vehicle to promote teaching, learning and research in integrated STEM education. By “integrated” we mean the deliberate full or partial integration of any or all of the key components of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with or without other areas such as The Arts.

The Sociology of Education SIG has been established with a view to creating a visible and active community of sociologists within education, in co-ordination with our sister SIG in the Australian Sociological Association.

We have the following aims:

  • To build a network researchers interested in integrated STEM education and stimulate debate and discussion;
  • To pursue opportunities for advancing STEM education;
  • To encourage and support postgraduates and early career researchers STEM education; and
  • To develop collaborations leading to research in STEM education.


To this end, proposed conference presentations (abstracts and papers) should clearly showcase integrated STEM education research. However, given that there is no Special Interest group for mathematics or science education, we shall provide avenues to showcase discrete mathematics or science or engineering educational research. Technology-focused works would be better suited to the Technology and Learning SIG.

For the 2017 Conference, we would like to propose two Integrated STEM Education symposia, two STEM mathematics-focussed symposia, and two STEM science-focused symposia, and if there is interest a STEM engineering-focused symposium.

We have attached a paper that we recently had published to illustrate our approach.


Dr Susan Blackley

Dr Jennifer Howell


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