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Qualitative Research Methodologies.

AARE Quantitative Research Methodology Summit 2018

We are pleased to announce the “AARE Quantitative Research Methodology Summit 2018”.
This is your opportunity to access a range of international experts and topics ranging from introductory to complex, rarely available in Australia, and never at this greatly subsidised cost. The target audience for the Summit is those seeking to become more familiar with quantitative methods in educational research - whether university students/staff or researchers in other organisations.

A related opportunity for participants is the invitation to submit an EOI to publish one of six empirical articles in a 2020 Special Issue of the AARE Journal, Australian Educational Researcher (AER), ‘Quantitative Methodology and Analysis for Survey Research in Education’.

For further information on the special issue .

Dates and Venues

Workshop Series 1: Wednesday July 11 - Friday July 13, 2018 at Monash University, Clayton campus, in Melbourne
Workshop Series 2: Friday November 30 - Saturday December 1, 2018 at The University of Sydney

Places are limited to 30 participants for Workshop 1, and 20 participants for Workshop 2.



These specialist workshops are offered to you at an extremely low price, thanks to presenters volunteering their expertise.
• The cost for the entire series is only $80 for students and $100 for academics.
• AARE members enjoy a discounted rate for the entire series of $40 for students and $65 for academics (lunch, morning/afternoon tea included)!
• You also have the option to register for only one workshop series (Melbourne or Sydney) if you would prefer to do so.

The costs for AARE members are $35 for academics and $25 for students; for non-members these would be $50 and $40 respectively.

Registration open.

The Narrative Research SIG (2010-2016) has morphed into Qualitative Research Methodologies

This is to provide a broader space to discuss, explore ideas and debate qualitative methodological issues (such as ethics and research designs) in social and educational contexts. This change endeavours to address the wider spectrum of methodologies that are emerging and merging with others. The SIG welcomes exploration of all qualitative methodologies, including (but not limited to) action research, arts-based research, autoethnography, biographical research, case studies, decolonising methodologies, discourse analysis, ethnodrama, ethnography, ethnomethodology, grounded theory, hermeneutics, narrative research, phenomenology, phenomenography, performance ethnography and practitioner research. Qualitative Research Methodologies SIG aims to:

    • Provide a space for researchers to explore and problematise methodological issues

    • Generate new ideas about qualitative research methodology in education

    • Build a community of critical enquiry about qualitative research methods and methodologies

    • Support experimentation with qualitative research methodologies and provide a mentoring network between new and experienced members.

Please contact Convenor Dr Louise Phillips ( or Co-convenor Dr Michelle Ronksley-Pavia  (

Up Coming Theory Workshops

AARE Theory Workshop, June 16-17, 2017
Hosted by Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus

This AARE Theory Workshop is organised and held in conjunction with two AARE Special Interest Groups: Qualitative Research Methodologies SIG and Arts Education Practice Research.
These two SIGs collaborated with success on an application for a AARE competitive grant to bring to Australia Professor Rita L. Irwin, an expert in Arts Based Education from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Registrations opening soon: 

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