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Professional and Higher Education

The Professional and Higher Education (PHE) SIG provides a forum for researchers to build critical mass and strategic focus in the areas of higher, professional and vocational education, and workplace and organizational learning. It supports theoretical and methodological discussions across these diverse sites in order to explore big questions facing post-secondary education, enabling members to develop research agendas in relation to student equity, globalization, knowledge, technology, policy and other areas. A key aim of the SIG is to generate new perspectives and widen theoretical and methodological frames for education research in higher, professional and vocational education, and workplace and professional learning, particularly by examining shared problems for these sectors and the relationships between them.

The SIG also aims to provide:

  1. links with HERDSA and other professional bodies concerned with research in post-secondary areas;
  2. a focus for the innovative work of doctoral students and early career researchers working across different post-secondary sectors;a space in which to link researchers in vocational education into a broader community; and
  3. strong bids for funding from AARE for special events; and
  4. international connections with higher education SIGs in other national research associations, including the British Educational Research Association, Society for Research into Higher Education, the American Educational Research Association, International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN) and the European Educational Research Association.

The SIG welcomes the participation of researchers with diverse interests in and perspectives on all aspects of research in education and learning beyond the school years.

Invited SIG Panels:

  • 2017: University futures in peril from failed Council-Management governance: Can we find a politics? , AARE Conference, Canberra. Panel members: Marie Brennan (University of South Australia), Sophie Rudolph (University of Melbourne), Jane Kenway (Monash University), Rosie Barron (University of Melbourne), Lew Zipin (University of South Australia), Amy Chapman (Australian Catholic University).
  • 2016: Beyond the neoliberal individual: Exploring the 'relational' in professional and higher education research, AARE Conference, Melbourne. Panel members: Dr Graeme Gower (Edith Cowan University), Dr Sheridan Linnell (Western Sydney University), Dr Scott Eacott (University of New South Wales), Associate Professor Susanne Gannon (Western Sydney University).
  • 2015: Exploring generative spaces/cracks in neoliberalism in professional and higher education research: moving beyond grief and mourning, AARE Conference, Fremantle. Panel Members: Prof. Jill Blackmore (Deakin University), Prof. Marie Brennan (Victoria University), Dr Lew Zipin (Victoria University), Dr Sam Sellar (The University of Queensland).
  • 2013: Theoretical perspectives on research in higher and professional education, AARE Conference, Adelaide. Panel members: Dr Alisa Percy (University of Wollongong); Steven Hodge (Deakin University) and Dr Jessica Gerrard (The University of Melbourne).

Special SIG Events:

  • 2017: Envisioning a future of Professional and Higher Education: Co-design, imagine, play , AARE Conference, Canberra. Facilitated by: Jan McLean (University of Technology Sydney) and Giedre Kligyte (University of Technology Sydney).

SIG members are encouraged to submit book proposals to the Palgrave Macmillan Special Series on Critical University Studies.

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