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Postgraduate Student Researcher Award

The AARE Postgraduate Student Researcher Award recognises an outstanding paper given by a Postgraduate Student at the AARE Annual Conference.

Previous AARE Postgraduate Research Award Winners

2017 Angela Rose
The University of Sydney

'Refugee students, teacher agency and neoliberalism in Australian education’

2016 Linette Etheredge

‘Digital provocations: How might creative filmmaking engage children age 11-14 in a critical analysis of the intimate relationships they experience in digital spaces?’

  Alfred Mupenzi

‘Refugee background students in tertiary education: An insider’s view’

2015 David Bright
The University of Queensland
‘Signs to be developed: Experiments in writing’
  Amanda Heffernan
The University of Queensland
‘The Emperor’s Perfect Map: Leadership by
Numbers and Cartesian Effects’

Paul Swan
Monash University

‘Mentalization and Empathy among Australian Primary School Teachers’

Sara Weuffen
Federation University

‘Exploring racialised spaces as productive environments for reconstructions of my positioning as a non-Indigenous Researcher engaged in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge spaces’
2014 Md Aktaruzzaman
Monash University
‘Community Perception Towards Integrating Vocational Elements in Open and
Distance Learning in Bangladesh’.
  Sandra Houen
Queensland University of Technology
'”I Wonder What You Know…’: Teachers Designing Requests for Factual Information’.

Uswatun Qoyyimah
Queensland University of Technology

‘Secular and Religious Moral Grounds Resonating Across State Schools in Indonesia’.

Anne Bennison
The University of Queensland

‘Exploring numeracy teacher identity: an adaptation of Valsiner’s zone theory’.
  Natal’ya Galliott
Macquarie University
‘­­Who struggles most in making a career choice and why? Findings from a cross-sectional survey of high-school students’.
  Eve Mayes

University of Sydney

‘Students researching teachers’ practice: lines of flight and temporary assemblage conversions in and through a students-as-co-researchers event’.
2012 Zoe Morris,
Monash University
‘What is popular is not always right - Measuring teacher professional behaviour’
2011 Roslyn (Rose) Carnes,
Murdoch University
‘Education for incarcerated Aboriginal Western Australians: “Education Revolution” or Just Plain Revolting?’
  Laura Scholes,
University of Queensland
‘Boys’ experiences as readers in school contexts: Exploring notions of diversity and difference’
  Sunita Velayutham,
Curtin University
‘Development and validation of an instrument to measure students’ motivation and self-regulation in science learning’ (co-authored)
  Emily Berger,
Monash University
‘Children’s and Adolescents’ Concepts of Poverty: Association with Cognitive Development and Social Disadvantage’ (co-authored)

Yvonne Toh,
Monash University

‘2x2 Achievement Goal Framework in Learning and Coping’

Wai Shan Ku,
Monash University


Kevin Quin,
Monash University


Anthony Leow,
University of Queensland


Sarah Buckley,
University of Melbourne

'Peer relationships in the mathematics classroom: A social network approach to understanding anxiety and motivation'

Karen Hawkins,
University of Southern Queensland

'Addressing Lather’s concerns: Practicing in research endeavours what is preached in theoretical formulations'

Brenda Holt,
University of Melbourne


Fiona Morrison, 
Monash University


Emma Richardson,
Monash University


Malcolm Haase,
University of Queensland


Nicole Brunker,
University of Sydney


Carlos Gonzalez,
University of Sydney


Sarah Howard,
University of Sydney


Jennifer McMahon,
James Cook University


Annalies Kamp,
Deakin University


Velepat Tuaru,
University of Queensland


Lois Irvin
Central Queensland University


Linda Graham,
Queensland University of Technology


Judy Laverty,
University of Wollongong


Martha Kamara,
Australian Catholic University


Christine Steinmetz,
University of New South Wales


Kate Sherren,
Australian National University


Jacqueline Kennelly,
University of British Columbia


Joanne Griffiths,
University of Western Australia


Deirdre Baron, Vic
Murray Drummond, WA
Helen Forgasz, Vic
Sue Fullarton, Vic
John Gardiner, WA
Jenny Gardiner, Tas
Lyn Harrison, Vic
Anne Hurley, Vic
Suleiman A. Idris, WA
Ruth Kane, Qld
Berinderjeet Kaur, Vic
Karen Malone, Vic
Nola Purdie, WA
Julie Ryan, Vic


Heather Hussey, WA
Gary Pears, WA
Rodney Thiele, WA
Chris Forlin, WA
Annemarie Carroll, WA
Margaret Robertson, Tas
Lynnette Schaverein, NSW
Grace Distant, Qld
Petra Lietz, SA
David Saltmarsh, Vic
Peter Hart, Vic
Lynne Outhred, NSW
Patricia Weeks, Qld
Geoffrey Shacklock, SA
Robert Long, ACT
Nick Santamaria, Vic
Helen Williams, Qld


Jayne Keogh, Qld
Xudong Wu, Tas
Marian Stone, NSW
Denise Kirkpatrick, WA
Ruby Avotri, WA
Peter Kell, Vic
Merri Hellsten, Qld


Margaret Taplin, Tas
Lawrence Antil, NSW
Deirdre Young, WA
Kwan Chun Lee, NSW
Judith Mouseley, Vic
Margot Ford, NSW
Cathy Dixon, WA
Helen Finlay, NSW


Judy MacCallum, WA
Kate Patrick, Vic
Kay Martinez, Qld


J. Hewson, Qld
J. Marks, Vic
Annette Greenall Gough, Vic


Rosemary Ludlow-Wells, Tas
Mark Sinclair, Qld
Michael Garbutcheon Singh, Vic


Susan Hall, WA
Coralyn Williams, WA


This list is incomplete.  Please contact should you have information about possible additions to the list. 

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