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Motivation and Learning

Members of the Motivation and Learning SIG are interested in motivation and learning, generally from the perspective of educational psychology. Members of this SIG would argue that research into these two areas has much to offer education in Australia. Why are some students eager to learn and rebound after setbacks while others give up as soon as difficulties arise? Why are some students detached, even alienated, from schools? Can teachers design educational experiences that enhance students’ motivation to learn? Current theories of learning also have much to offer teachers. What can teachers do to ensure that students learn what they want them to learn? Why do students encounter difficulties in learning? How can students be helped to regulate their own learning? How do individual differences among students affect how they learn? How do developmental changes affect how students learn? We welcome AARE members to join our SIG.

SIG Members are invited to join either or both of our two Facebook Groups:
ML-SIG (Motivation & Learning SIG) Facebook Group
ML-SIG Postgraduate and ECR Network (Facebook group)

Invitation to special panel at AARE Annual Meeting 2017

Where we’ve been and where we’re going: An expert discussion about Assessment, Measurement, Motivation and Learning 

Prof Paul Richardson (Monash) in discussion with Dr Ralph Stratton, A/Prof Mary Ainley (UMelb), Prof Max Smith (UoN) & Dr Sue Thompson (ACER) 

Monday 27 November 2017, 4-5.30pm

National Ballroom 1, Conference Floor

AARE Annual Meeting 2017

The assessment, measurement, motivation and learning disciplines continue to be at the centre of many key developments in the field of educational research. In this retrospective and prospective session, Australian luminaries of the disciplines will discuss the past, present, and future of the discipline. Key points of discussion will include theoretical, methodological, and empirical advances, stagnations, and possibilities in the disciplines. The session will run in a Q and A type format, facilitated by the SIG convenor, who will invite audience participation through questions and discussion with the key scholars. The discussion promises to be lively, informative, and entertaining, and not to be missed by all those involved in research in these disciplines.

Members of the Motivation & Learning SIG, Assessment & Measurement SIG, and other interested conference attendees are invited to submit prospective questions for consideration in advance by the panel. Please email:

This special event is made possible by funding from AARE and is a joint initiative of the Motivation & Learning, and Assessment & Measurement Special Interest Groups.

You can find panellist biographies here


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