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In this section we provide brief profiles of current History and Education SIG Members, to assist the process of building a vibrant research community and providing opportunities for cross-institutional networking.

History and Education SIG Members

To be listed here, please send your research interests, webpage or preferred contact email address, and institution to: Robert Parkes.

Name Institution Research Interests
CHIA, Yeow-Tong Sydney University  history of education; state formation; comparative and international education; history curriculum; citizenship education.
COLLINS, Sue Federation University history education; national curriculum; politics of history education. 
DONNELLY, Debra Newcastle University

historical feature film in the classroom; historical understanding; global education and citizenship.

GOULDING, James  Sydney University historical thinking; epistemology; socio-cultural theory; new media; discourse analysis; higher education.
HALSE, Christine Deakin University sociology of education; social and cultural effects of education policy; doctoral education; ethics in research and educational practice; history and social education.
MCLEOD, Julie Melbourne University

youth and gender studies; curriculum history; feminism; gender equity and education.

PARKES, Robert Newcastle University history education; historical consciousness; historiographic gaze / meta-historical literacy; poststructural and postcolonial theory; History teacher education; curriculum history.
PARSONS, Phillipa Newcastle University civic activism; popular culture; critical pedagogy; History education; historical consciousness.

Sydney University

history of education; sociology of education; gender relations and gender identity.
SHARP, Heather

Newcastle University

history curriculum; history textbooks; critical discourse analysis; critical pedagogy.
SHAW, Emma

Newcastle University

genealogy [family history]; identity; television media; History education; historical consciousness. 

Melbourne University

theoretical and empirical projects related to knowledge, identities, inequalities and education policy and practice in Australia; sociology of education; gender and education; history and philosophy of education; curriculum theory; research methodologies and practices in education; education policy.
ZADJA, Joseph Australian Catholic University globalisation and comparative education research; globalisation and education policy; decentralisation and privatisation in education; education reforms in the Russian Federation; lifelong learning; active citizenship education; school history textbooks.


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