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Language and Literacy

Aims of the Language and Literacy Special Interest Group

  • To bring together researchers from a range of fields such as TESOL, Languages and Discourse Analysis;
  • To develop research dialogues and agendas across this range of areas;
  • To facilitate collaborative research and publications in AARE and education journals;
  • To raise the profile of language and literacy issues in AARE and education in general.


The professional bodies and research networks relating to language and literacy tend to be quite discrete: second language teaching and learning comes under the umbrella of ACTA and journals such as Prospect and TESOL in Context. Languages other than English under AFMLTA and journals such as Babel; literacy and language issues under ETA and PETA and journals such as AJLL; work on discourse analysis comes under linguistics associations such as AALA and ASLFA and journals such as ARAL. Joint conferences between these groups occur sporadically but there is no continuing forum that brings them together under an education umbrella. There is a need for such a forum.

Research Interests

  • Second language teaching and learning
  • Applied linguistics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Languages other than English education
  • Language teacher professional development
  • Language policy and practice
  • Bilingualism
  • Language and educational outcomes for second language learners

Proposed activities

  • Strand in AARE conference
  • Regular workshops in major cities
  • Discussion board for members


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