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Honorary Life Membership Award


Honorary Life Members of the Australian Association for Research in Education


Professor Marie Brennan - Response
Professor Noel Gough - Response
Professor Lyn Yates - Response

2015 Professor Jill Blackmore
Professor Sid Bourke
Professor Bob Lingard

2014 Professor Jo-Anne Reid  
2013 Professor Peter Renshaw  
2008 Mr Peter Jeffery  
2006 Dr Lawrie.W. Shears Deceased
2005 Professor Millicent Poole  
2004 Professor Kwong Lee Dow  
2003 Dr David Cohen Deceased
2002 Professor John Elkins  
2001 Professor Stephen Kemmis  
2000 Dr John Izard  
1999 Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith AM  
1998 Dr Michael Dunkin  
1997 Dr Beryl Evans  
1996 Dr Raymond Debus Deceased
1995 Professor Peter Fensham
Professor Phillip Hughes
Dr Shirley Smith


1994 Professor Glen T. Evans Deceased
1993 Professor Betty H Watts Deceased
1989 Professor Donald Spearritt
Professor William John Campbell
 1986 Professor George Bradshaw Deceased
 1984 Professor Hugh W.S. Philp Deceased
 1981 Professor Sydney S. Dunn Deceased
 1978 Professor William F. Connell Deceased
 1977 Professor PerceH. Partridge Deceased
 1975 Sir Harold Wyndham Deceased
 1971 Dr Kenneth S. Cunningham
Professor Christopher R. McRae


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