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Global Contexts for K-12 Education


The Global Contexts for K-12 Education SIG aims to become a forum for researchers with a shared interest in international dimensions of K-12 education to network, discuss, debate and theorize, share research findings and establish research partnerships. These activities will be supported through the SIG by events such as discussion groups, workshops and symposia at AARE annual conferences. The SIG will also actively apply for AARE grants, which will be used for a variety of purposes including capacity building of SIG members (particularly early career researchers), supporting conference dinners, sponsoring presentations by international guests and other special events.


The Global Contexts for K-12 Education SIG provides the AARE with an opportunity to promote communication and engagement among AARE members engaged in research covering a wide array of international K-12 topics. Interest in international dimensions of K-12 education has risen exponentially in recent years in response to factors including (but not limited to) the globalization of K-12 education, emergence of international testing regimes, growing understandings of global education inequities, and increased efforts by national education authorities to internationalize local curricula. The Global Contexts for K-12 Education SIG, will serve as a vehicle for AARE to support the development of a critical mass of educational researchers and seed future academic leaders in this growing and diverse academic field.

Research Interests

A cross-section of interest areas and topics for the Global Contexts for K-12 Education SIG currently include:

  • Teaching and learning in international education programs
  • Language, culture and identity in international education
  • International mindedness and global citizenship
  • Movement of teachers internationally
  • Internationalization of national curricula
  • The effects of globalization on K-12 education
  • Cross-country comparisons of education standards, policy, practices and outcomes
  • Educational development and change in global K-12 settings

Proposed Activities

Although it is early days the current proposed activities for the Global Contexts for K-12 Education SIG include:

  • Symposia at AARE conferences
  • Annual AARE conference dinner
  • Virtual and face-to-face discussion groups
  • Networking
  • Workshops on topics of interest to members
  • Triennial newsletter
  • Establishing grant partnerships (e.g. AARE and ARC) and writing partnerships
  • Capacity building activities including mentoring of early career researchers

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