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Early Career Researcher Award

The AARE ECR Award recognises an outstanding conference paper by an early career researcher presented at the annual AARE Conference.

Previous ECR Award Winners


Dr Jenny Martin
Australian Catholic University

‘Researching preservice teachers’ environmental agency in times of post truth and denial’        


Dr Lyn Vernon
Murdoch University

'University enabling programs while still at school: Supporting the transition of low-SES students from high-school to university’


Dr Melissa Wolfe

‘Post-qualitative filmic research in education: utilising a ‘re/active documentary’ methodology’


Dr Lucinda McKnight
Deakin University

‘Meet the phallic teacher: designing curriculum and identity in a neoliberal imaginary’


Dr Hannah Soong
University of South Australia

‘The Imagination of Mobility: Windows into Australian Teacher Education as a Site of
Transnational Lifeworld Negotiations’.


Dr Niranjan Casinader
Monash University

‘A failure to communicate? Cultural dispositions of thinking and some implications for teacher education’.

2012 Dr Greg Thompson,
Murdoch University
'The Effects of NAPLAN: Teacher perceptions of the impact of NAPLAN on pedagogy and curriculum' (co-authored with Allen G. Harbaugh)
2011 Dr Linda Graham,
Macquarie University
'For whose purposes and to what ends? Disproportionate over-representation of Indigenous students in NSW government "Schools for (Very) Specific Purposes" '
2010 Dr Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews,
University of Western Sydney
‘Looking Past Positivity for Indigenous Australian Students: A preliminary investigation of racial discrimination and the illusion of resiliency in academia’ (co-authored with Nida Denson and Rhonda Craven)
2009 Kathy Jordan ‘The “framing” of teachers in national ICT policies’
2007 Dr Jane Wilkinson,
Charles Sturt University
Policy and leadership as practice: Senior women academics and the “risky business” of diversity policies in enterprise universities’
2005 Dr Colleen Hawkins,
University of Sydney
2004 Helen Watt,
University of Michigan
'Development of Adolescents' Self Perceptions, Values and Task Perceptions According to Gender and Domain through Australian Grades 7 to 11'
2003 Neil Harrison,
University of New England
'The learning is in-between: The search for a metalanguage in Indigenous education'
2002 Amanda Keddie 'It's more than a game: Little boys, masculinities and football culture'
2001 Dr Julianne Lynch  
  Francesca Collins  

This list is incomplete.  Please contact should you have information about possible additions to the list.

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