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Criteria & Nomination Process

Criteria for the Award

The main criterion for assessment of excellence in doctoral research in education will be the contribution made to theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological knowledge in education. In particular, preference will be given to studies which make a conceptual advance in educational theory, policy and practice, which point to the methods of improving educational practice or pioneer innovation, which contribute through disciplined research to knowledge on which new educational practices may be based, or which contribute to advances in methodology of educational research, evaluation and dissemination.

Other criteria include originality and thoroughness in carrying through the research and the quality of presentation of the work. Other things being equal, theses which are judged readily adaptable to scholarly and professional dissemination will be preferred. Given that the above criteria are met, no preference will be given to any particular substantive issues that might be addressed.

Procedures for Making Award Nominations

Anyone who has been awarded a doctoral degree from an Australian institution in the two years prior to 30 June in the year of the award is eligible. Nominations close on 30 June each year. Theses accepted for the degree after this date may be nominated in the following year.

Nominations may be made from qualified Faculties, Schools or Departments of Education, or from other relevant parts of the University where doctoral theses in the field of education research are produced, by the Dean or relevant Head.

No more than one nomination may be made in any one year from each institution.

Nominations should be accompanied by:

  • the cover sheet
  • a letter of nomination from the Dean of Education or Director of Graduate Studies or other relevant Head. This letter is simply to nominate the thesis for consideration for the award - it is not to argue a case for the thesis in relation to the Award.
  • a 250 word statement that outlines why the thesis should win the Award. This may take into account the criteria for the award.
  • a copy of the title page, abstract and contents pages
  • full examiners' reports. Examiners' reports should contain the names of the examiners.

Full copies of short-listed theses will be requested when necessary. Institutions may also provide a brief summary of any other factual information relevant to the nomination.

Applications should be sent to:

Deborah Cracknell
Office and Events Manager
AARE Office

Award Selection

In each year, a Committee of six persons is appointed by the AARE Executive to recommend an award.

The Committee will normally select one thesis for the award, but may, in exceptional circumstances, select a tie of no more than two theses, or recommend that no award be given.

The final decision on the award must be ratified by the AARE Executive Committee.

The award will be made during the Annual Conference of the Association and notified in the newsletter. A report from the Award Committee will be made at the same time.

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