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Preamble to the Constitution

The Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) is the premier organisation of educational researchers in Australia. Established in 1970 the Association has provided support for successive generations of educational researchers from Australian universities, local, State and Federal governments, schools, colleges and training organisations as well as private research agencies. Its objectives centre on advancing scholarly inquiry in education, enhancing quality in educational research, and seeking to promote the effective and positive impact of educational research on policy and practice in education and associated areas of society.

Through its conferences, workshops, publications and committees, the Association provides forums for the discussion and dissemination of educational research and seeks to facilitate a research culture through communication among researchers. It further provides a forum for independent debate about the quality, purposes and methodologies of educational research and opportunities for communication and cooperation among researchers with shared interests.The Association's contacts with national educational research organisations in other countries and the participation of overseas researchers in the Association's Annual Conference make possible an extension of these opportunities internationally.

A major focus of the Association's activity centres on building the capacity of educational researchers by providing opportunities for them to enhance their research skills, and through fostering and supporting early-career researchers and postgraduate research students.

The Association provides submissions to national inquiries and takes a proactive role in generating and considering policies with respect to the recognition, funding and quality control of educational research.The Association also seeks to enhance public understanding of quality educational research, the benefits for the nation of having soundly-based educational research, and the need for its continued funding. 

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