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Call for Proposals: 2019 Special Issue

The editorial team of The Australian Educational Researcher warmly invites proposals for the 2019 Special Issue of the journal.

Proposals should include the following:

  1. An overview of approximately 500 words explaining the proposed theme, its intended contribution and its relationship to the aims and scope of AER.
  2. A brief outline of proposed topics that fit under the proposed theme.
  3. A plan for obtaining quality papers. (NB this may include an open call or targeted invitations. In the case of the latter, please indicate to whom invitations have been or will be issued and whether commitments have been received)
  4. A short Curriculum Vitae of the proposed Guest Editor/s. (NB teams of guest editors comprising both experienced and early career researchers are especially welcome)
  5. A list of potential reviewers.
  6. A proposed call-for-papers.
  7. A proposed time schedule including submission deadline and completion of the editorial process. (NB production deadline for papers will be early February 2019) 

Proposals will be evaluated by the editorial team according to the following criteria:

  • Well-articulated and convincing rationale
  • Complementarity with previous work published in the journal
  • Expertise of proposed Guest Editor/s
  • Overall proposal quality

 Role of Guest Editor/s

  1. To commission / curate papers for the Special Issue
  2. To manage paper submissions in the journal’s online Editorial Manager system
  3. To secure at least two expert reviewers for each paper
  4. To provide advice to authors in revising their submissions
  5. To make recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief regarding publication
  6. To ensure that the publication timeline and deadline is met 

Proposals should be submitted to by Friday 9 February 2018.

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