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Ray Debus Award for Doctoral Research In Education



This award recognises excellence in educational research by doctoral students. Normally only one award will be made each year. It is seen by the Association as a way of recognising the high quality contribution made to educational knowledge by graduate students, and at the same time promoting dissemination and furthering of research. The award comprises a citation from the Association together with up to $1,000 to go towards one year's AARE membership, one night's accommodation with a return airfare to the Conference.

Originally known as the AARE Award for Doctoral Research in Education, the first award was made in 1989. In 2014 the Award was renamed in honour of Dr Ray Debus, AARE founding member and Honorary Life Member, who passed away early that year. Ray had the distinction of having attended all 44 AARE annual conferences held from the association’s founding up to 2013. During his many years at the University of Sydney, Ray mentored many doctoral students and early career researchers.

Previous Doctoral Award Winners

2017 Professor John Lester
University of Newcastle
‘Why do Aboriginal Kids Switch Off School? A Holistic Examination of the System, School, Students and Their Community in One Rural District’
2017 Dr Deborah Moore
Australian Catholic University
‘A place within a place: Toward new understandings on the enactment of contemporary imaginative play’

Melissa Wolfe
Monash University

‘Girls’ Tales: Experiences of Schooling'

Dr Kristen Cohen
Univeristy of Newcastle

‘Evaluation of a School-based Physical Activity and Fundamental Movement Skill Intervention for Children Living in Low-income Communities: The Supporting Children’s Outcomes using Rewards, Exercise and Skills (SCORES) Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial’

Dr Eve Mayes
University of Sydney

‘The lines of voice: An ethnography of the ambivalent affects of student voice’
  Dr Ben Whitburn
Deakin University
'Critical Engagement with Insider Accounts of Inclusive Schooling'

Dr Harsha Perera
The University of Technology Sydney

‘The role of trait emotional intelligence in
adaptation and achievement during the transition to University’
2014 Dr Susan E Creagh
The University of Queensland
'A Foucauldian and Quantitative Analysis of NAPLaN, the category ‘Language Background
Other Than English’, and English as a Second Language Level'

Dr Cheryl D Jakab
The University of Melbourne

'Molecules as Tools: Discourse, artefacts and children’s meaning-making about particles of

Dr Kin Yee Chan
James Cook University

‘A Comparison of Automated Scoring Engines and Human Raters on the Assessment of
English Essay Writing’
  Dr Clare Hall
Monash University
‘Voices of Distinction: Choirboys’ Narratives of Music, Masculinity and the
2012 Dr Amy Chapman, 
University of Newcastle
‘Towards a New Paradigm of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education‘
Dr Bronwyn James,
University of Wollongong
‘Silences, Voices, Negotiations: Becoming a Postgraduate Research Writer’
2011 Joint Winners:
Dr Dan Woodman,
University of Melbourne
‘The Post-Secondary School Transition and the Desynchronisation of Everyday Life’
  Dr Mary Chen Johnsson
University of Technology, Sydney
‘A Relational Re-view of Collective Learning: Concerts, Condiments and Corrections’
2010 Dr Tyson Yunkaporta,
James Cook University
‘Aboriginal Pedagogies at the Cultural Interface’
2009 Dr Marjorie Seaton,
University of Western Sydney
'The Big-Fish-Little Pond Effect under the grill: tests of its universality, a search for moderators and the role of social comparison'
2008 Joint Winners:
Dr Linda Graham,
Queensland University of Technology
'Schooling attention deficit hyperactivity disorders: educational systems of formation and the behaviourally disordered school child'
  Dr Graham Parr,
University of Melbourne
'Inquiry-based professional learning of English Literature teachers: Negotiating dialogic potential'
Dr Claire Aitchison,
University of Technology, Sydney
'Mothers and school choice: Effects on the home front'
2007 Joint Winners:
Dr Karen Martin,
James Cook University
'Please knock before you enter: An investigation of how rainforest Aboriginal people regulate outsiders and the implications for western research and researchers'
  Dr Steven Etherington,
Charles Darwin University
'Learning to be Kunwiinjku: An Australian Indigenous Pedagogy'

Dr Veronica Arbon,
Deakin University

'Thirnda Ngurkarnda Ityrnda: Ontologies in Indigenous Territory Education'

Dr Guan Cheng Quek,
University of Western Australia

'The Construction and Practice of Creativity Policy in Singaporean Education (1985-2004): A holistic discourse-oriented policy analysis'

Dr Gaynor Williams,
University of Melbourne

'Improving Intellectual and Affective Quality in Mathematics Lessons: How Autonomy and Spontaneity Enable Creative and Insightful Thinking'

Dr Annette Woods,
University of Queensland

'The contexts and purposes of school literacy pedagogy: ‘Failing’ in the early years'

Dr Sue Saltmarsh,
Macquarie University

'Complicit Institutions: representation, consumption and the production of school violence'

Dr Helen Carberry,
Queensland University of Technology

'Semiotic analysis of clinical chemistry: For ‘knowledge work’ in the medical sciences'

Dr Ravinder Sidhu,
University of Queensland

'Selling Futures: Globalization and Discourses of International Education'

Dr Coral Kemp,
Macquarie University

'Transition to School and Integration into Mainstream Classrooms for Children with Intellectual Disabilities'

Dr Erica Southgate,
University of Newcastle

'Remembering school: Mapping continuities in power, subjectivity and emotion in stories of Australian school life'

Dr Sheralyn Campbell,
University of Melbourne

'The definition and description of a justice disposition in young children

Dr Pat Thomson


Dr Helen Nixon


Dr Loretta Baker rsj

 ‘The pursuit of visions and ideas. Thomas Barr Greenfield: building an ideography’

Dr Paul Chandler,
University of New South Wales

'Cognitive Load Theory and Design of Instruction'

Dr Mary McCorriston,
La Trobe University

'Cognitive Processing Strategies and Sublexical Orthographic Knowledge in Developmental Dysgraphia'

Dr Gary Kidd,
University of Melbourne

'Tertiary Course Choice: Interests as Predictors'

Dr J. Orton,
La Trobe University


Dr Ilana Snyder,
Monash University

'The Impact of Word Processor on Students' Writing: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Pens and Word Processors on Writing Context, Process and Product'

Dr Alison MacKinnon,
University of Adelaide

'Awakening Women: Women, Higher Education and Family Formation in South Australia c.1880-1920'

Special Commendation:
Dr R. Fielding,
James Cook University


Dr Lyndall English,
University of Queensland

'Young Children's Competence in Solving Novel Combinatorial Problems'

Special Commendations:
Dr C. Wilson,
University of Sydney


Dr G. Cooper,
University of New South Wales


This list is incomplete.  Please contact email should you have information about possible additions to the list.


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