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ATLC Appeal

Action needed to save the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC)

You may have heard the news that the Federal Government has decided to close the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) - one of a number of cuts intended to free up funding for post-flood reconstruction. If you are a AARE member, you would have already received this information through a broadcast email.

While recognising the importance of rebuilding flood-affected infrastructure, the AARE Executive believes closing the ALTC is misguided. It will save the government only $22m per year - killing off some very worthwhile activity and transferring costs to universities.

The decision to make these cuts will need support in Parliament if it is to proceed. There is likely to be heated debate about some of the other proposed cuts (eg those to environmental programs) and we want to ensure that the ALTC decision does not go uncontested.

You can help in a number of ways:

  1. If you are working in an Australian university, circulate the news about ALTC and this broadcast message widely
  2. .Email your DVC/PVC Learning & Teaching and your Union, offering your support for any action that they are prepared to lead.
  3. Write to your MP and local paper, mentioning the consequences that the closure of the ALTC will have for the future quality of university education, impact on students, employability, etc.
  4. Vote to support a GetUp campaign, which is focussed on the ALTC's role in helping universities become more inclusive. Go to and add a comment and VOTE for this campaign.

A very useful document containing a range of evidence about the impact of the ALTC can be found at

Please act in the next few days, while there is still a chance to reverse this decision.


With thanks,
The AARE Executive


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