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Establishment, Continuation and Discontinuation of a SIG

 Formation of new SIGs

  • Any group of 15 or more active financial members of AARE may apply to establish a new SIG related to a specific topic or area of research that is not a primary focus of any existing AARE SIG.
  • The proposal form on the website should be completed and submitted to the AARE office by 30 June.
  • The proposal will be considered by a small group of Executive members convened by the SIG coordinator.
  • Once approval has been obtained, the inaugural convenor and co-convenor will serve in their respective roles for a 2-year term, after which an election will be held prior to the SIG annual meeting.

To apply to establish a new Special Interest Group, please download, complete and return this form.

Return via email to:

Or via mail to: AARE Office Unit 7, 1 Geils Court Deakin ACT 2600

Continuation of SIGs

  • The continuation of SIGs depends on quantitative and qualitative assessments of their vitality.
  • The quantitative criterion is SIG membership of at least 15 members and the number of submissions of abstracts to the SIG strand at the annual conference.
  • SIGs can demonstrate strong vitality by meeting the following qualitative criteria:
    1. Meaningful activities as reflected in the annual conference, newsletters, or other initiatives.
    2. An annual meeting to be held in conjunction with the annual AARE conference.
    3. A democratic nominations and election process.

Discontinuation of a SIG

  • A SIG may voluntarily choose to be discontinued after existing members have consulted with other members.
  • Two or more SIGs may decide after consultation with members to merge with another SIG. (Such mergers are encouraged.)
  • Where a SIG appears to be inactive or has an insufficient number of active members, the process for discontinuing a SIG will be as follows:

    If a SIG has a membership that is below 15 at the end of any membership year, that SIG will be notified and informed that it will have until the end of the following membership year to recruit a sufficient number of new members to meet the minimum membership requirement to continue to exist.

    If a SIG appears to be inactive through failure to meet the criteria for continuation, the AARE SIG coordinator will write to the existing SIG convenor in the first instance to seek clarification on SIG activities. In the event of a non-response the SIG membership will be consulted.

    Decisions to discontinue a SIG will be made by the AARE Executive at its next meeting.


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