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National Application Form

National Application Form

National Application Form – to conduct research in schools in more than one jurisdiction (sector, state or territory) in Australia

AARE is partnering with schooling systems across Australia to promote the implementation of the National Application Form (NAF). The form applies to researchers who require approval from more than one educational jurisdiction to conduct research in Australia. Please not that not all schooling systems accept this form. You will find a comprehensive list of participating jurisdictions on page 3 of the NAF Guidelines.  

National Application Form guidelines 

National Application Form  (having trouble with the link? Right click and 'save link as' and you will be able save the link to your computer)
If you continue to have issues pleased contact and I will be able to send you a copy.

For further information, contact your participating jurisdictions.

If using Chrome as a browser you may find it difficult to access the evaluation form. If this should be the case you can try another browser, such as Firefox or Explorer or try the below. 

  1. Google Chrome  - for the evaluation form,  right click on the form and select ‘save link as’ you can save the form and open it.

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