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AARE Special Interest Groups

AARE Special Interest Groups

A Special interest Group (SIG) is a group of AARE members with shared research interests. SIGs support networking with fellow researchers. SIGs undertake a diverse range of activities including organising events, discussion groups, research training, convening symposia, contributions to AARE NEWS and The Australian Educational Researcher, etc. Stewart Riddle is the SIGs Co-ordinator on the AARE Executive. For further information about SIGs contact or Stewart Riddle

The SIG Convenors' Handbook can be accessed here.

Congratulations - Competitive Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the following SIGs for their successful applications for Competitive Grants in the 2016/2017 SIG Round:

Poststructural Theory  $4,670: To host an invited presentation given by Professor Alecia Youngblood Jackson, Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. In the invited presentation Professor Jackson will present on thinking without method

Qualitative Research Methodologies $5,000: To build a network for Arts Based Educational Research, and to demonstrate and provide the scholarly contributions of Arts Based Educational Research.

Sociocultural Activity Theory  $4,925: In support of four interconnected activities:

  • A two-hour virtual workshop: Getting concrete about abstracts
  • Pre Conference Virtual Colloquium: Elevator pitches
  • Post Conference Writing & Publishing Symposia
  • Online Collaborative Platform

Social Justice: $5,000: To host the Schooling and Sexualities Conference: 20 years on, at Deakin University’s Warrnambool Campus. 

We look forward to reporting the outcome of these funded activities, and to hearing about their contribution to AARE members and the field of education research more broadly!

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