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AARE Special Interest Groups

AARE Special Interest Groups

A Special interest Group (SIG) is a group of AARE members with shared research interests. SIGs support networking with fellow researchers. SIGs undertake a diverse range of activities including organising events, discussion groups, research training, convening symposia, contributions to AARE NEWS and The Australian Educational Researcher, etc. Stewart Riddle is the SIGs Co-ordinator on the AARE Executive. For further information about SIGs contact or Stewart Riddle

The SIG Convenors' Handbook can be accessed here.


SIG competive funding outcome - Book release



With SIG competitive funding provided by AARE we are pleased to announce the release of the book Theory and Philosophy in Education Research. Edited by John Quay, Jennifer Bleazby, Steven A. Stolz, Maurizio Toscano and R. Scott Webster. 


To obtain a copy. 


Congratulations - Competitive Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the following SIGs for their successful applications for Competitive Grants in the 2018/2019 SIG Round:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Research - $5,000

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Research SIG reaching out to our Maori counterparts as part of NZARE to submit a joint symposium for this year's conference. To continue building and supporting HDR students, we are proposing providing a bursary for up to 4 PhD students working with the 4 academics joining us in the Symposium to attend the Conference. As part of this initiative, we would like up to 4 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HDR students who receive the scholarship to be joined by the Maori HDR students to participate in a 3 minute thesis type event. The initiative is then to be reciprocated by our colleagues 'across the ditch' to allow our members the potential to participate in an international forum. This may become part of the Conference Proceedings to reduce overheads and provide appropriate funding to support our Maori brothers and sisters

Education Theory and Philosophy - $5,000

(1) One day symposium open to academics and the wider educational community.

Proposed speakers

  • Professor Lawrence Shapiro from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). Professor Shapiro is an internationally renowned scholar in the emerging area of embodied cognition
  • Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen from the Australian National University (Canberra, Australia)
  • Professor Janis (John) Ozolins from the Australian Catholic University (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Professor Gabriele Lakomski from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Professor Susan Paxton from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia)

Other potential speakers who may participate are as follows:
Professor Rob Wilson from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia)
Associate Professor Howard Nicholas and Associate Professor Donna Starks from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia)
Professor Marjorie O'Loughlin from the University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

(2) Publication of an edited book
A formal book proposal will be submitted to the AARE series Local/Global Issues in Education or to Routledge. A formal book proposal will be developed if this funding application is successful with the provisional title: The Body, Embodiment, and Education. Following a general introduction by the editors (the conference committee, see below for details), each of the speakers will be asked to make a contribution to the edited book based on their presentations. Each of these chapters will be edited by the conference committee who facilitated this seminar. The number of papers included will adhere to a negotiated word count for the book.

Motivation and Learning - $5,000

The  event is an invited speaker session to be held at the AARE Annual Conference. We will be hosting Professor Judith Harackiewicz from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Professor Judith Harackiewicz is a Paul Pintrich Professor of Psychology who specialises in secondary school and university students academic motivation, interest, and value perceptions of education, especially in the area of STEM, as well as intervention and longitudinal methodologies. Her research in achievement goal theory and intrinsic motivation has been incredibly influential, with over 25,000 citations and an impact factor (h-index) of 59. The focus of her presentation is reviewing her highly influential work on theory based targeted interventions for improving students interest and value perceptions of STEM subjects, as well as the role parents and teachers can play in improving these factors. She will discuss the importance and implications of successful, low-cost educational intervention research.

Post Structural Theory and Gender, Sexualities and Cultural Studies - Joint submission - $10,000

An invited speaker to the AARE Annual Conference. Professor Emma Renold Emma Renold is Professor in Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales. She is the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (2005), the co-founder of and co-editor of the journal Gender and Education. Working with feminist poststructuralist and posthumanist theories her research explores young gendered and sexual subjectivities across diverse institutional sites and public spaces. Her current research project foregrounds bodies, affect, subjectivity and movement in a community multi-media ethnography of gendered negotiations of place and space in a semi-rural post-industrial locale. Emma Renold is a finalist for the UK ESRC outstanding impact on society prize 2018. 

Qualitative Research Methodologies and Early Childhood - Joint submission - $4,956

Funds will bring Professor Elizabeth Quintero to Sydney to present in Research, through with and as Storying symposium at AARE Conference 2018, Sydney University. Professor Elizabeth Quintero is author of Storying: A Path to Our Future: Artful Thinking, Learning, Teaching, and Research, Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education: Artful Story and the Integrated Curriculum (both published by Peter Lang) and Refugee and Immigrant Family Voices (published by Sense Publishers).

Sociocultural Activity Theory - $5,000

The activity is a AARE/ISCAR Summer School is a five-day retreat for our Sociocultural and Activity Theory SIG members modelled on the Russian ISCAR Summer School tradition. The AARE/ISCAR Summer School provides an opportunity for HDR students and ECRs in education research to spend concentrated time with senior researchers in Sociocultural and Activity Theory in order to advance their own expertise and to contribute to the development of Cultural Historical Activity Research in education.

Sociology of Education - $5,000

The activity is to host a two-day workshop on Open Access, Data Sharing and Archiving of Qualitative Research. This builds on a program of work undertaken by Julie McLeod, Kate Connor and Nicole Davis and colleagues at the University of Melbourne, with the support of the ARC , e-Scholarship at Melbourne University and the Australian Data Archive. The aim of the workshop is to promote critical dialogue on: 1) agendas for open access in research across publications and research data, and 2) the affordances and challenges of data sharing, archiving and re-use in the sociology of education. The workshop seeks to foster and strengthen critical engagement with these agendas among the educational research community. In doing so, it aims to help facilitate a network of scholars who wish to pursue applied, outreach and scholarly work in this area.

Teacher Education and Research Innovation - $5,000

The activity is a one-day symposium, with Professor Ken Zeichner from the University of Washington (USA). Professor Zeichner is an internationally renowned scholar in the area of partnerships in teacher education, aiming to connecting the professional experience and university-based components of teacher education. They symposium will be held at Monash University (City campus, Melbourne) in May 2019. The title for the proposed symposium is ‘Crossing Boundaries in Teacher Education: Promoting Collaboration and Partnerships’. The theme of the symposium arose from a needs survey conducted by TERI SIG convenors in November 2017, expressing areas of interest for TERI SIG members. Invitation to 

Technology and Learning - $5,000

With educational technologies constantly changing, educators need to be able to evaluate their new learning design content regularly and time efficiently. A workshop, titled Using Data and Analytics to support technology-enhanced learning will offer educators methods to go beyond conventional approaches and widen their tool kit to overcome challenges involved with meeting the needs and expectations of modern learners. The workshop is designed to assist educators with different backgrounds and from all educational sectors. Through this workshop, educators will develop research methods that will enhance and impact on their individual teaching practice as well as their student learning outcomes. The workshop is based on a recently conducted international research project, which was published in Computers in the Schools 2018 (Routledge).


We look forward to reporting the outcome of thesefunded activities, and to hearing about their contribution to AARE members and the field of education research more broadly!


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