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Environmental and Sustainability Education

The ESE SIG aims to bring together Australian and international researchers passionate about environmental and sustainability education research, policy and practice. As a collective we aim to be a place for promoting new directions in environmental and sustainability education.

The planet has entered a new geologic era - the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene represents the devastating impact that humankind has had upon Earth. It also represents a renewed opportunity to re-think, re-imagine and re-enact education sustainably and environmentally. Sustainability and environmental educators have been forging such ground for decades, and this SIG will undoubtedly further this important work through a collaborative and collective approach.

The ESE employs a broad definition of environmental and sustainability education, noting that there are indeed many currents in environmental education. Notwithstanding, the ESE SIG inspires and supports greater understanding amid researchers about key issues, questions and impasses in environmental and sustainability education.

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