AARE is pleased to offer bursaries to support conference attendance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members who are full time HDR Students or early career researchers in 2024, open…
AARE is pleased to provide a conference bursary program to support conference attendance in 2024.
ENGAGING WITH EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS JULY - AUGUST 2024 Researchers are increasingly interested in engaging with and communicating their research to a wide range of audiences and stakeholder groups.
The Conference Awards program for 2024 is open. The due date for all award submissions will be 30 August, 2024.
AARE recognises distinguished contribution to the association through a number of key initiatives each year.
Have you ever considered nominating for an Executive Committee role in AARE? Later this year, the following Executive Committee positions will become vacant: 1. Secretary (3 year term) 2.
The conference theme is ‘Education in a Changing World’ and we are pleased to announce that the website is open for submission of abstracts.
On May 15, AARE jointly hosted with ATEA and ACDE an online forum on ‘What counts as evidence in teacher education research and policy?’ We had a great turn-out, with…
AARE has a series of Conference Awards aimed at celebrating excellence in research available to members across a number of categories.
We invite our valued past and present members of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) to renew your AARE membership now to take advantage of a discount on…