Raewyn Connell: Research, Politics, Social Change by Raewyn Connell

Raewyn Connell Book

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The book is a selection from the author's writing from the 1970s to the 2010s, intended to show how knowledge about major social issues develops and deepens.

The selection includes five themes important in the author's work: 

1. Understanding masculinities
2. The concept of gender
3. The ruling class in Australia
4. Social inequalities in education 
5. Global politics of knowledge. 

Each theme is illustrated by an early and a late article, with short introductions describing how they came to be written. Three extracts from fieldwork reports show the empirical basis of the author's work more directly: they concern gender relations in public sector workplaces, managers in neoliberal corporations, and a trans woman's experience of gender transition.

Raewyn Connell

Research, Politics, Social Change

" I wrote the articles originally because I thought that the specific issues were of great importance, and that I had ideas, or empirical material, that seemed a step forward from what was currently known. I put them together in this book in this unusual way because I thought it could do more than illustrate one person's oeuvre. It could help understanding of how social science develops through time, and how research-based knowledge, including theory, engages with the practical problems of the world."

Raewyn Connell is professor emerita, University of Sydney and life member of the National Tertiary Education Union. She has taught in several countries and is a widely cited researcher on questions of social justice, knowledge, and social change. Connell is the current holder of the International Sociological Association's quadrennial award for Excellence in Research and Practice. Her books include The Good University, Southern Theory, MasculinitiesGender & PowerRuling Class Ruling Culture, and Making the Difference. Her work has been translated into twenty-four languages. Connell has been active in the labour movement, and in work for gender equality and for peace.