Participate in a survey to map research opportunities in the field of education in Australia


Participate in a survey to map research opportunities in the field of education in Australia

We encourage AARE members and other education researchers associated with universities (such as research students, as retired academics, adjunct researchers) to fill out this a survey to help map the current state of education research in Australian universities.


At the well-attended AGM during the 2017 annual conference, a motion was approved overwhelmingly by the very large number in attendance, raising serious concerns about viable futures for education (and other) research in Australian universities. AARE executive was asked to pursue action to foster the maintenance and growth of educational research in our fields and sector. Of particular concern was the growth of teaching-only and casual positions in our field, increased workloads particularly for ECR academics, and downsizing/restructuring that detracts from academic research capacities. 

In the AGM discussion, it was agreed that a working party would follow up these motions. An initial inter-generational group, which includes those who proposed the original motion, and the then President of the AARE, worked to develop a Survey for examining the experience and conditions for higher education-associated education researchers.  The survey was trialled at a special session of the 2018 conference and modified as a result of feedback from those who participated in this session.

Ethics approval for conducting the survey has been received from Victoria University, Melbourne (HREC 19-009).  You are able to participate in the survey anonymously so that no reporting of data or analysis will identify any participant. The data will be analysed by the working party and will initially be used to report back to AARE Executive and AARE members about the nature of the problem. The report will be made available more broadly via the AARE website. We expect that other associations such as ACDE may also be interested in the findings. Findings will be presented at 2019 AARE Conference and may also be disseminated via blog or news posts (for example on EduResearch Matters) and in publications.


To complete the survey please go to

The survey is open NOW and will be available until 13th June, 2019.

By completing and submitting the survey you are providing your consent for participation.

Thank you for your support of this important initiative.