News from the Special Interest Groups


Qualitative Research Methodologies SIG 
Dear AARE Members,
The Qualitative Research Methodologies SIG is planning lots of events for 2023. The convenors are now meeting fortnightly to turn some of these ideas into reality. The first idea raised by members was the development of a seminar series related to a particular topic or theme. We are in the process of determining this, with a view to the seminars starting in March, and continuing monthly. If you have any suggestions for a theme, please contact the convenors (email addresses below). All AARE members are welcome to suggest topics and ideas and attend these seminars. 

Sheena Elwick and Keith Heggart
AARE Qualitative Research Methodologies SIG Convenors

Competitive Grants in the 2022/2023 SIG Round
AARE encourages SIGs to explore different ways of achieving scholarly research capacity building outcomes for SIG members, AARE members and the wider education research community. To support such endeavours, AARE provides an annual funding scheme. 

The AARE website has been updated to include details about the successful Competitive Grants in the 2022/2023 SIG Round. Details can be found on the Previously Funded SIG Projects page. We thank all SIG convenors and AARE members involved in these applications. 

If you have an idea about a SIG grant, you can discuss it with the relevant SIG convenors (full list of SIGs and convenors are available here). Applications for the 2023/2024 round will open around March 2023. For general questions, contact the SIGs coordinator at