2022 Executive Committee Election


In September 2022, the AARE Executive committee will be calling for nominations for the following Executive positions in the 2022 Executive Committee Election, to be held in October.

  1. Secretary: current office bearer John Lester will vacate in 2022; AARE will call for a secretary to fill the current term vacancy 2021-2023
  2. Treasurer: AARE will call for nominations to fill a 3 year term 2023-2025 (current office bearer Michele Simons is eligible to re-nominate)
  3. Ordinary Member Postgraduate Student: AARE will call for nominations to fill a 2 year term 2023-2024 (current office bearer Natalie Downs is eligible to re-nominate)
  4. Ordinary Member: AARE will call for nominations to fill a 2 year term 2023-2024 (current office bearer Sara Weuffen is eligible to re-nominate)
  5. Indigenous Researcher Liaison: AARE will call for nominations (via the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research SIG) to fill a 3 year term 2023-2025 

AARE’s volunteer office bearers play an integral role in helping the association to advance its mission and purpose: to promote, support and improve research and scholarship in education, to enhance educational processes, policy and practice at all levels; and to meet its corporate and legal obligations.  The time, experience, and expertise invested by executive committee members is an invaluable asset for AARE, and executive committee members also derive a significant benefit from their participation through having a direct impact on causes they care deeply about and making a contribution worthy of recognition.

The roles and responsibilities of AARE Executive members are based on the AARE Constitution, the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 SA (under which AARE is incorporated), policy and practice within AARE and professional membership associations.  All Executive members are required to:

  • attend Executive Committee meetings (three per year) and the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • participate in committee activities and working groups, as appointed by the Executive
  • provide reports on their areas of responsibility to Executive meetings, the AGM and the AARE Annual Report
  • contribute to Executive Committee succession planning through maintenance of documentation and procedures relevant to their area of responsibility
  • act to advance the goals of the Association

AARE members who are interested in finding out more about the above positions that will be open for election in 2022 are invited to get in touch with current office bearers and/or the Executive Management team to learn more: