Representative Symposia Scholarship application form

Submissions are to include:

  • Title – The symposium title
  • Symposium Point of Contact
  • Symposium Chair if different from Point of Contact
  • Abstract – An abstract of no more than 120 words. Abstracts will be made publicly available online or in print.
  • Session Summary – A Session summary of no more than 500 words that addresses the following:
    • Objectives of the session
    • Overview of the presentation
    • Scholarly or scientific significance
    • Structure of the session

  Each paper/presentation in the symposium should have the following:

  •  Title – Paper title
  • Authors in order of authorship, indicating presenting author(s)
  • Paper/Presentation Summary - A summary of no more than 500 words that addresses the basic elements of a research or scholarly paper/presentation for each paper or presentation, including:
    • Objectives or purposes
    • Perspective(s) or theoretical framework
    • Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry
    • Data sources, evidence, objects, materials or the equivalent for theoretical or methodological papers/presentations.
    • Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view
    • Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work

Please include email addresses and institutions for presenting and non-presenting authors

Please note any non-author participants such as discussants

In addition to submitting the above, please also indicate whether the author(s) for each paper are interested in locating their final paper in the AERA Online Paper Repository (released after the Annual Meeting). Participation is voluntary, but the repository is an excellent way of disseminating papers worldwide—well beyond the Annual Meeting. All papers in the repository are time and date stamped and receive a unique DOI number for citation. Once the paper is published, authors can return to the Repository and add the full citation and DOI to the final publication. The Repository is open access to all users adding to the discoverability of your work.