Decentring the Human in Qualitative Research Methodologies Seminar Five

Thu, Jul. 18, 2024 19:00:00 — 20:00:00 AEST

This free seminar series consists of six 1-hour online seminars via Zoom on the topic of decentring the human in qualitative research methodologies. Each seminar features a presentation by a guest speaker who has experience with decentring the human in the context of qualitative research methodologies in educational research. Each seminar will also be followed by a debriefing session (see below for information).

The seminar series is inspired by Kuby and Bozalek’s (2023) webinar series that aspired to create an international online learning community that was inclusive of a range of scholars, including early career scholars and doctoral students. Importantly, for us, social learning is front and centre of this seminar series. Our main concern is not on transmitting knowledge from someone who already knows about decentring the human to someone who doesn’t. Instead, we want to work together to create a synergy that generates insights and ideas that we would not have had on our own.  Our ethical stance is one that values diversity and dialogic respect, and everyone is welcome regardless of where they are in their journey towards understanding decentring the human. We are eager to hear how your research concerning this topic has evolved; and is evolving – including the complexity, challenges and uncertainty involved.

You can read more about the seminar series, the presenters, and how to register here.

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