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Lend a hand

Date: 15/12/2019

Location: I'd like to support my colleagues for $10.00


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The Lend a Hand program seeks to make offering conference bursaries to the AARE conferences a sustainable option. AARE commits to ensuring that 100% of these funds will be used to provide conference bursaries for non-wages and low waged members who are postgraduate student and early career researchers in sessional, short term contact or part time employement (at the 2018-2019 conferences).

If you are a AARE member, logging in prior to going to this page will pre fill in your details for the receipt.

Thank you for supporting your colleagues. 

 Please note for taxation purposes, AARE is not a registered charity.

Non Members Price: $10.00 (including GST)
Members Price: $10.00 (including GST) for members. - Please login to register at this price.

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