Teacher As Practitioner (TAP) program helps keep teachers in the profession

By Julia Morris and Wesley Imms

Australia loses approximately 30 per cent of teachers in their first five years of teaching. Vast amounts of taxpayer money and resources are wasted on training teachers who will leave the profession, without considering what would make them stay.  To date, research has addressed the reasons teachers are leaving, including burnout, workload pressures, physical isolation,


Four things teachers can do to help young people critically navigate social media

By Luci Pangrazio

Social media is an important element of nearly every young person’s life. Many use platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook every day. But these platforms are not neutral. Platform operators are shaping the way young people use social media. In this post I look at what is happening and how teachers can help

Universities are investing in teaching at the expense of research. Here’s why we should fight it

By Lew Zipin and Marie Brennan

The will and vital capacity of Australian universities to support academics to combine teaching and research is under

Before we begin again, I want to tell you why last year was horrendous

By Melitta Hogarth

The education year is about to begin but I can’t let 2018 go. Not yet. I want to share with you how last year was for me, a Kamilaroi woman, a former schoolteacher and now a university lecturer and educational researcher. My urge to share is simply because I need to be persistent and I

It takes more than a great ATAR to make a great teacher

By Tania Aspland

The question of how to encourage the best candidates to become teachers in Australia is complex and requires

Multimodal texts surround us. What are they? How can we use them in our teaching?

By Georgina Barton

 The ways in which we communicate with each other in today’s world are wide ranging. We live in a time where politicians tweet national policy announcements, a YouTuber can have 75 million subscribers from around the world, and pre-teen children communicate using images on Instagram. It seems strange then, that assessment practices in schools largely

Here’s what Australian parents think about teaching phonics to pre-schoolers

By Stacey Campbell

Phonics remains one of the most controversial literacy instruction topics debated in Australian education. Early childhood prior-to-school settings

Don’t lock the doors on students who are first in their family to go to university. Aspirations matter

By Sally Patfield

The funding freeze imposed on Australian universities by the Federal Government brings grave concerns that the chances of