COVID-19 is impacting on our teacher workforce. Are we ready for the mostly bad (but some good) effects?

By Stephanie Garoni and Jo Lampert

It is worth considering the potential impact COVID-19 might have on teachers, many already feeling devalued and over-worked, as they return to their classrooms after a period of heightened pressure to perform in on-line learning environments. Teacher attrition is a persistent and well-documented problem in Australian education, especially in historically disadvantaged schools where teachers are

Public schools DO account for their funding: Public school autonomy processes are onerous and exacting

By Scott Eacott and Richard Niesche

Among the turmoil generated by COVD19 for schools – are they open, are they closed, staggered attendance, online learning – and significant planning and workload on schools leaders and educators, the New South Wales Auditor-General released a report reviewing needs-based equity funding under the NSW Local Schools, Local Decisions (LSLD) reform. The timing of the

Financial literacy programs taught in schools are exposed as value-ridden, flawed & totally inadequate

By Carly Sawatzki

Most of what is taught and learned in financial literacy programs in schools reflects middle class values and a conservative ideology about the role of government and individuals in achieving economic prosperity. The COVID-19 pandemic is now disrupting this thinking. Governments tend to take a conventional view of financial literacy, seeing it as a toolkit

When the going gets tough artists & arts educators get going with innovative ways of connecting and learning

By Kathryn Coleman and Mark Selkrig

As 2020 lurches through multiple uncertainties the Australian arts community, already feeling the effects from budget cuts and a stripped back Australia Council funding

Offline distance education (already happening all around Australia) can be highly successful

By Natalie Downes and Philip Roberts

As many of our children continue with their online learning, there is concern that those with limited access

Researchers should try to keep researching during the pandemic. Here’s 5 tips to help you do it

By Andrew Martin and Keiko Bostwick

Educational researchers, like many other workers during this COVID-19 pandemic, will be working from home for the foreseeable

Students say uni online learning is mostly ‘busy work’. Here’s what will really engage them

By Cathy Stone, Naomi Milthorpe and Janet Dyment

To combat high failure and student drop-out rates, universities have developed strategies to monitor online student engagement through

Will mass schooling-at-home lead to the death of schools?

By Julian Sefton-Green

All over the country families are trying to cope with the consequences of helping educate their children at home. The immediate short-term problems are trying to keep children engaged in learning activities provided by teachers, but already medium-term challenges are casting terrifying shadows. Centre-stage is the inequality around digital access which affects all of us

Using evidence to help build and evaluate good ideas in education technology

By Simon Knight, Anissa Moeini and Alison Clark-Wilson

As researchers, we care that our educational systems improve, support all learners, and are grounded solidly in research

Messages from teachers at the coalface as COVID-19 changes everything

By Christine Cunningham

I am a university teacher and researcher who studies the art and science of good school leadership. Most