Teacher learning, not student test results, should be a national priority for Australia

By Ian Hardy

Ongoing professional development of teachers is vital for the successful education of our children. At present, teacher learning is not given the sort of attention it deserves by governments in Australia. Our teachers are finding themselves increasingly reacting to a plethora of national, and other, tests. What they are ‘learning’ in the process is that

Girls still fighting for the right to wear pants and shorts to Australian schools. No the battle has not been won

By Dr Amanda Mergler and Dr Sarah Cohen-Woods

Two recent victories in the battle to win the right for girls to wear shorts and pants to school has put girls’ school uniform back in the spotlight in Australia. They are big wins in policy in NSW and Queensland. But now comes the struggle to have those policies implemented, and meanwhile the fight continues

‘Invisible’ literacies are literacies for the future. What are they? Why is teaching them vital?

By Georgina Barton and Amélie Lemieux and Jean-Charles Chabanne

“We have so much pressure on us to teach literacy in our classrooms. The arts are not valued

Don’t ban smartphones in Australian high schools: here’s why (and what we can do instead)

By Jocelyn Brewer

The recent announcement that Gaming Disorder (impaired control over gaming) will be included as an official diagnosis in

Our schools need to take a mighty leap into the future: let’s dump outmoded practices and mindsets

By Michael Anderson and Miranda Jefferson

On October 5th 1979 stuntman Kenny Powers attempted to jump his rocket powered Lincoln Continental car from Canada to the USA across the St Lawrence River; a jump of 1.6 kilometres. The preparation took more than four years; it was costly (more than one million dollars), methodical and exacting. When the day finally came for

Big business ideas for the future role of universities in Australia are skewed and should be called out

By Julie Rowlands and Jill Blackmore

It is not unusual these days for big business to want to have a say in what is

Yes we can greatly improve the teaching of creativity in Australian schools and yes we can measure it

By Anne Harris and Leon de Bruin

Creativity is once again front and centre in the call for educating more effective 21stcentury workforces in Australia

Making space in our schools for children to develop their creativity

By Kim Wilson and Janet Dutton

Nurturing creativity is a key focus of twenty-first century educational and employment discourses here and around the world.

Six reasons Artificial Intelligence technology will never take over from human teachers

By Neil Selwyn

The next twenty years will see teachers under increasing pressure to convincingly justify their existence. Advances in artificial