Teacher quality

Australian schooling’s dirty little secret

By Linda Hobbs

In 1990 it was called “education’s dirty little secret”. Today it is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, but it

Decisions about teaching methods should be made by educators not politicians

By Alan Reid

Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of South Australia One of the chilling features of the Federal Government’s education policy is its obvious intention to tell teachers how they should teach. Until now governments have stopped short of dictating how teachers should teach, on the assumption that these are professional decisions that are best

Teacher Education: Beyond the ‘Policy Problem’

By Professor Diane Mayer, Pro Vice Chancellor, Victoria University

Much has been said in the media in the past week or so about teacher quality prompted by

A Letter to Mr Pyne

By Nicole Mockler, University of Newcastle & Greg Thompson, Murdoch University

Last week on Radio National, Shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne gave us a glimpse of the Coalition’s vision