higher education policy

First nation-wide research of how people seeking asylum in Australia are affected by our higher ed policies

By Rachel Burke and Sally Baker

In the last few years, great strides have been made regarding access to higher education for people seeking

What is happening with higher education in this election? (Yes you should be worried)

By Marcia Devlin

You might share my concerns about what is looming for higher education in the coming election. A returned

First in family to attend university: latest Australian research findings

By Suzanne Macqueen

Over the past fifty years there has been a huge increase in enrolments in higher education in many

Vice Chancellor Stephen Parker: Pyne’s higher education reforms doomed to failure

By Stephen Parker

Christopher Pyne and I were on diametrically opposite sides over the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill and

A report card on Christopher Pyne’s performance as Education Minister

By Keith Heggart

Christopher Pyne leaves the position of Minister for Education and Training and becomes Minister for Industry Innovation and Science in the new Turnbull Government. Keith Heggart gives Pyne a school style report on his efforts as the nation’s Education Minister.   Name: Christopher Pyne Class: Education Minister of Australia (2013-2015)   Subject: Cooperation with stakeholders Grade: