Curriculum review

Ditching school-based courses cuts passion and wonder. Shame the bureaucrats don’t see that.

By Cathie Burgess

After Pauline Hanson was elected, one school fought rising racism with a school-developed subject.

Curriculum review: where was NESA’s consultation?

By Debra Batley

NESA’s announcement last Monday about its curriculum overhaul had several disturbing aspects to it, writes Debra Batley.

What does ‘back to basics’ really mean? What ‘reforms’ are being signalled this time?

By Naomi Barnes

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been describing the NSW curriculum review as a signal to go “back to basics” despite Professor Geoff Masters, who headed up the review, insisting it is more about decluttering the curriculum.  To educators like me the phrase “back to basics” has signalled different education reforms over the years, which begs the

Ken Wiltshire: Pyne needs to do his job and fix these 3 emerging problems with schooling

By Ken Wiltshire

Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, seems distracted by other political events as some disturbing developments emerge in Australian

Pyne’s curriculum plans get an F for Fail (not Fixed)

By Robyn Ewing

Every Australian student deserves a quality education with access to the best teachers and resources. No-one would disagree with this lofty aspiration. But the Federal Government’s recent response to the Review of the National Curriculum gives us little evidence we are any closer to such a goal. Education Minister Christopher Pyne asserts that there is

Spurr’s recommendations for English fundamentally flawed

By Eileen Honan

If we follow the recommendations of the recently released national curriculum review for teaching English we will all

Donnelly’s review set to limit future for young Australians

By Nicole Mockler

The final report of the Australian Curriculum Review conducted by Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire has recently been

Muddled thinking of Abbott Govt’s education policies undermines teachers and students

By Dr Eileen Honan

George Orwell wrote in 1984, “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously,

Direct Instruction is not a solution for Australian schools

By Allan Luke

Christopher Pyne is embarking on his own education revolution. He wants our nation’s teachers to use a teaching

I am a teacher of English teachers and I never want to hear the term “basic skills” ever again

By Kelli McGraw

Lecturer in secondary English curriculum in the Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology One cohort at