STEM education

Revaluing science in the school subject marketplace

By Tracey-Ann Palmer

Around this time each year Australian students are thinking about the subjects they will choose for their final

The NSW Education Standards Authority responds to Charlotte Pezaro’s post: Specialist maths and science teachers in primary schools are part – a key part – of the solution

By Peter Lee

This blog post is a response to Charlotte’s Pezaro’s post Specialist science and maths teachers in primary schools

Specialist science and maths teachers in primary schools are not the solution

By Charlotte Pezaro

The idea to put specialist science and maths teachers into Australian primary schools gained a lot of support after the latest results of international tests were announced. It even became official policy in NSW last year when then Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, announced a plan to deliver hundreds of specialist STEM (science, technology, engineering and

Girls and coding: draw strength from the community focus

By Bron Stuckey

Girls and coding, I find it heartening that we are talking about making the connection and that some

Why Australia needs more women in STEM professions and how you can help us get there

By Jillian Kenny

Only 11% of today’s engineers are women. Does it matter? Well, imagine for a moment what our world