higher education

New evidence: Stark inequity of online access for rural and remote students

By Cathy Stone and Monica Davis

It’s long been known that those in regional and remote areas of Australia do not have access to

The strange world of medical school for working-class and Indigenous students: doing extreme social mobility

By Caragh Brosnan and Erica Southgate

What happens when becoming a doctor is a battle between staying true to yourself and fitting in to

What is happening with higher education in this election? (Yes you should be worried)

By Marcia Devlin

You might share my concerns about what is looming for higher education in the coming election. A returned

Best pathway to university for disadvantaged students: latest research findings

By Marcia Devlin

There are many pathways to higher education these days. I am a member of a national research team

Decelerated curriculum is here. It’s about engagement not more swipe and like literacies

By Leanne McRae

Capturing student attention is often framed as the driver of technological innovation in universities. However, using more screens

Digital Footprint: not everyone is equal and why unis need to teach managing DF as a 21st century skill

By Rachel Buchanan

Australians are among the most digitally connected in the world and young people spend a lot of time

NO to research funding focused on advancing a few Australian unis in world rankings

By Andrew Vann

Vice Chancellor Andrew Vann outlines a way research funding for universities can be used to benefit all Australians