civics and citizenship education

How to turn students into active citizens

By Keith Heggart

Australians are on the streets, protesting in large numbers about their displeasure with the government’s inaction on women’s rights and safety. This follows protests across Australian (and the world) in support of #BlackLivesMatter, as well as the #March4OurLives movement in the US.  Young people, too, are in the vanguard of environmental movements, most notably the

How sex ed can save the workplace and the world

A young student reveals he’s had “regular, valuable and powerful talks” about consent and respect but they haven’t had the “intended and crucial impact. One educator explains what should be done. By Georgia Carr I have sat in sex education classrooms and been amazed by what I’ve seen. Teachers who taught consent in great detail

Adults made the media mess

Social media platform Facebook pulled the plug on Australian news last week after a tussle between the government and the digital giant. What does that mean for Australian educators and students? What are the ways we can combat misinformation and disinformation? And how far along are we in the struggle to teach media literacy (answers

How young people are changing the way Australians vote and act as citizens

By Keith Heggart

My research interests are closely aligned to the development of civics and citizenship education. Specifically, I am curious