21st century teaching

Online learning will never be a substitute for face-to-face

By Andrew Norton

In 2020 higher education student satisfaction with their ‘entire educational experience’ hit its lowest point since Australia’s national survey of current students began in 2011. But the detailed survey results, which cover many aspects of student life, paint a mixed picture. Despite an unexpected shift to online learning due to COVID-19 restrictions, satisfaction with many

Adults made the media mess

Social media platform Facebook pulled the plug on Australian news last week after a tussle between the government and the digital giant. What does that mean for Australian educators and students? What are the ways we can combat misinformation and disinformation? And how far along are we in the struggle to teach media literacy (answers


Universities all over Australia are welcoming back students – but what will the learning experience look like? The Australian National University’s vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt told staff last week:: “We need our teachers to be more than just people who stand at the front of the lecture hall or before a video camera. We need them

What if compulsory schooling was a 21st Century invention?

By Jason McGrath and John Fischetti

There are many long-running debates in Australia around the schooling our children. Often the battle lines are drawn

What is a teacher in the 21st century and what does a 21st century teacher need to know?

By Ian Menter

There is now almost universal recognition around the world that ‘teaching matters’ and that the quality of teaching