school leadership

The invisible and invaluable work of female school principals

By Katrina MacDonald

Women are more likely to be principals in schools serving highly disadvantaged communities. This has implications in terms

How school principals respond to govt policies on NAPLAN. (Be surprised how some are resisting)

By Dr Amanda Heffernan

School principals in Australia are increasingly required to find a balance between improving student achievement on measurable outcomes (such as NAPLAN) and focusing energies on things that can’t as easily be measured; such as how well a school teaches creative and critical thinking, how it connects with its local community or how collaboratively teachers on

Three issues I have with the minister’s Gayby Baby intervention

By Nicole Mockler

Many thousands of words have been written about Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, intervening to stop Burwood Girls High School screening the documentary film Gayby Baby in school time. As an educator and educational researcher, three important issues were raised for me. But first a quick recap of the episode. What happened The NSW Education Minister

What good school leaders do: getting it right takes time

By Kathryn Holmes

The role of the principal today is challenging and complex. Schools face constant change, not only in curricula