How digital technologies can change teaching practices (in a good way)

By Aspa Baroutsis

Teachers in Australian schools today are facing increasing pressures to move to more didactic, teacher-centred approaches to teaching. However, these traditional ‘top-down’ pedagogies (teaching methods), where a teacher is often at the front of the classroom ‘transmitting’ knowledge, are increasingly being supplemented by other teaching methods including approaches based on digital technologies as teachers continue

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools: are you ready for it? Let’s talk

By Jane Hunter

Interest in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools is growing. More educators are participating in important conversations about it as understanding develops around how AI will impact the work of teachers and schools. In this post I want to add to the conversation by raising some issues and putting forward some questions that


How school principals respond to govt policies on NAPLAN. (Be surprised how some are resisting)

By Dr Amanda Heffernan

School principals in Australia are increasingly required to find a balance between improving student achievement on measurable outcomes (such as NAPLAN) and focusing energies on things that can’t as easily be measured; such as how well a school teaches creative and critical thinking, how it connects with its local community or how collaboratively teachers on

Teacher learning, not student test results, should be a national priority for Australia

By Ian Hardy

Ongoing professional development of teachers is vital for the successful education of our children. At present, teacher learning

School climate can make a big difference to children with mental health issues

By Jill Aldridge and Katrina McChesney

A national survey of Australian secondary school students aged between 15 and 19 years found that one in

Girls still fighting for the right to wear pants and shorts to Australian schools. No the battle has not been won

By Dr Amanda Mergler and Dr Sarah Cohen-Woods

Two recent victories in the battle to win the right for girls to wear shorts and pants to

‘Invisible’ literacies are literacies for the future. What are they? Why is teaching them vital?

By Georgina Barton and Amélie Lemieux and Jean-Charles Chabanne

“We have so much pressure on us to teach literacy in our classrooms. The arts are not valued

Don’t ban smartphones in Australian high schools: here’s why (and what we can do instead)

By Jocelyn Brewer

The recent announcement that Gaming Disorder (impaired control over gaming) will be included as an official diagnosis in

Our schools need to take a mighty leap into the future: let’s dump outmoded practices and mindsets

By Michael Anderson and Miranda Jefferson

On October 5th 1979 stuntman Kenny Powers attempted to jump his rocket powered Lincoln Continental car from Canada to the USA across the St Lawrence River; a jump of 1.6 kilometres. The preparation took more than four years; it was costly (more than one million dollars), methodical and exacting. When the day finally came for