Education policy

Shocking evidence of US-style racial bias in Australian schools

By Linda Graham

Australian research is almost silent on how disciplinary practices in our schools are affected by racial bias.  In

Donnelly’s review set to limit future for young Australians

By Nicole Mockler

The final report of the Australian Curriculum Review conducted by Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire has recently been

Muddled thinking of Abbott Govt’s education policies undermines teachers and students

By Dr Eileen Honan

George Orwell wrote in 1984, “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously,

Reid responds to Donnelly’s “inaccuracies and obfuscations”

By Alan Reid

My blog of 3/8/2014 was an edited version of the opening statement I made in a debate with

Myth buster: improving school attendance does not improve student outcomes

By James Ladwig and Allan Luke

Does improved student attendance lead to improved student achievement? Join prime ministers, premiers and education ministers from all sides of politics if you believe it does. They regularly tell us about the need to “improve” or “increase” attendance in order to improve achievement. We recently had unprecedented access to state government data on individual school

Kevin Donnelly replies:the Liberal Government’s policy of independent public schools will raise education standards in Australia

By Kevin Donnelly

(Note: What follows is an edited and expanded version of Dr Kevin Donnelly’s presentation at the recent ACSA

The Abbott Government’s policy of ‘independent public schools’ will lower standards and widen inequalities in Australian schools.

By Alan Reid

[NOTE:This is an edited version of the negative case against the Abbott Govt’s Independent Public Schools policy made

Novice teachers challenged by ability grouping contrary to evidence

By Matthew Clarke

In Australia across most school systems there is no informed, explicit and coherent policy approach to ability grouping.

The Unwinding of Intelligence and Creativity in Australia

By Des Griffin

I believe the most important outcomes of education for children today are the enhancement of their individual intelligence

Educational researchers are right: schools should dump naughty corners and time-out strategies

By Linda Graham

 Popular media erupted this week around the use of naughty corners in Australian classrooms. Two South Australian researchers,