Education policy

Australian schools teach the same texts for decades:good policy or big problem?

By Melissa Jogie

Have you ever noticed your children are studying much the same English texts at school as you did

Why is Australia condemning language education to insignificance?

By Katharina Bense

Languages are not considered important in Australia. This general attitude towards language learning is not only evident in

Wake up academia: time is running out to voice your objections to Abbott’s “reforms”

By Anna Sullivan

“Wake up, ” Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra Professor, Stephen Parker, told Australia’s academics in a passionate

Current school reform agenda undermines intelligence and creativity in schools

By Des Griffin

Education should aim to achieve the enhancement of intelligence. However, current education reform action is driven by narrow

Should we be more like Finland? The Finnish education system explained.

By Tom Stehlik

Educators around the world laud the Finnish school system and there is constant discussion in Australia about how

Raising aspirations not the solution to low participation rates of rural students in higher education

By Cherie-Lynn Hawkins

  Getting more Australian girls from country areas into higher education will take more than just raising their

Significant difference in how Australian public and private schools market themselves:Why?

By Trevor McCandless

Schools increasingly market themselves. Because elite private schools have always done so, most previous school marketing research in

URGENT: we need to act on equity in Australian schools now

By Stewart Riddle

There is an equity problem in Australia and we urgently need to talk about it. Christopher Pyne couldn’t

Spurr’s recommendations for English fundamentally flawed

By Eileen Honan

If we follow the recommendations of the recently released national curriculum review for teaching English we will all

There is a better way to select prospective teachers than just by grade scores and interviews

By Terry Bowles

 Teacher selection and teacher education are back in the spotlight. Media and political attention is particularly focused on